When Scottco Gas Met Harvey The Hound

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When Scottco Gas Met Harvey The Hound

You walk out into the Scotia Bank Saddledome for a Thursday night tilt between the Calgary Flames and the New Jersey Devils.

As you walk into the dome the smell of arena popcorn, dry spilled beer and cold soft serve ice cream fills your nose. The siren blares as red lights and and the scorch of flames burst into the air. The commentator bellows a deep yell to announce your favorite players – Johnny Gaudreau, Sean Monahan and Matt Tkachuk. A wave of nostalgia comes over you, like you’re 14 years old again cheering for your heros. 

Scottco Gas Flames Jersey

It gets even better, since the first time ever Harvey the Hound pops up in your section to hit the snare drum. The crowd screams GO-FLAMES-GO. Harvey looks over at the section. That’s where it felt like nothing else. 

Sitting next to my son, I got the chance to relive the good old days. My son, who’s now 23, once skated on the ice with the flames. Backlund had been with the Flames now for over 12 years. We reminisced on the days when the song the Good Old Hockey Game was the only song you’d play other than Kick Start My Heart. 

Harvey walked over to us. He sat down next to us. He took a selfie with us.

We Have Pictures To Prove It

Flames won that night, 5-2.

I’ll never forget that night.

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