Gas Fitter Services

Calgary Gas Fitter Services

By now, you are most likely familiar with the popularity of gas, but do you have a professional Calgary Gas Fitter Class 1 expert installing your residential gas line?

Here at Scottco Gas Ltd. we are specialized in custom gas fitting installation solutions. We have been providing local Calgary clients here with reliable installation since first starting the business back in 2004.

Now, we look forward to working with you and being able to provide you with the superior quality results for your gas line installations. The Calgary and surrounding areas that should be able to expect a seamless gas installation experience from a well-known professional.

cost of an underground gas line can cost between 800 and 2000 dollars

Natural Gas Renovations
That Make A Difference

Increase home value, improve home efficiency and recieve your gas rebate from the Alberta Government.

New Construction Gas Lines

Alberta is a city of energy, powered by natural gas. This often means that things need to move fast. By choosing a gas fitting specialist company, you can achieve your projects deadlines faster. 

Custom Home Gas Lines

Custom homes are often complex, and sometimes exceed 400,000 BTUs. Save money and time with our single day gas fitting installation, for even the most complex jobs.

Outdoor Gas Lines

Gas lines installed outdoors require a hole to be dug into the foundation of your home.
Ensure you hire a class 1 gas fitter to get your job done right.

Commercial Gas Line Installation

Do you need to connect gas to something larger than your house? Our Class 1 gas fitting team are experts in large gas lines over 400,000 BTU’s.
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Banked Meter Gas Line Installation

Our team is specialized in banked meter, multiplex, multi-home, condominium and apartment building gas line installations.