New Construction Gas Line Installation

new construction gas line

Gas Lines - New Construction

new construction gas line

Calgary Gas Line Installation

Scottco Gas Ltd. specializes in the installation of gas lines in Calgary for all of your indoor and outdoor new construction needs. Our trained gas fitting technicians offer years of experience, honesty and integrity, and professional workmanship.

Its not secret that a reliable, cost effective gas line installation plays a necessary role in new construction.  

Whether you are looking to have a single drop gas fireplace installed, a simple 4 drop house or a multi-family home, you can count on Scottco Gas Ltd. to take care of all your gas fitting needs.

Our Class 1 gas fitting installers are expertly trained in gas line installation.

Call 403 369 4277.

Kilometers of Pipe Installed
Get your gas done right, the first time.

What are you installing?

Common single appliance homes include furnace installation and are more popular in multi-home’s with a banked meter. 

Furnace, water heater gas lines are our bread and butter. Is the water heater electric? You’d be surprised what other gas appliances can be added into the home to increase home value. 

Our team can be in and out in under 2 hours. 

For larger homes, multiple appliance gas line installation is necessary to heat and service the whole home. We charge by the appliance, not by the hour.

If your meter is connected to the house, we can connect it to your gas line. You can turn it on quickly once the gas line is approved and avoid additional costs later on.

Avoid passing unnecessary additional costs to the future homeowner and add future attachments. Popular future gas line locations include gas fire place, gas stove, gas oven and gas dryer.

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