Cost To Run Gas Line To House

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How Much Does It Cost To Install Gas Lines?

Typical Range: $500 - $1050

Find out how much your Calgary gas fitting project will cost

Cost is based on the average range of appliances ranging from a single appliance installation up to 4 appliances installed. 

Cost to Run a Gas Line Alberta

To run a new gas line, it’ll cost an average of $525. However, it can range anywhere from $120 to $1,350. Most homeowners spend between $500 and $1050. Typically, Calgary gas fitters will charge you by the appliance for up to 30 feet of pipe. This will range across the industry, but you should be looking at approximately $500 with a permit for a single appliance gas line.

Extension and replacement costs vary based on the complexity and the type of pipe currently used. For example, if an add on gas line exceeds 30 ft, you’re likely to be charged an additional $5-$10 per foot. 

Switching from electric or propane to natural gas requires a master gas fitter, but will likely be a lower cost. This will vary based on the size of the gas line and the current amount of pipe in the house. Converting your appliances can be an inexpensive investment for an efficient way to heat your home or increase your homes value. 

Always discuss installation options with a master gas fitter.

The following article discusses the potential costs for a variety of gas lines that are installed after the meter.

Cost to Install a Gas Line in Alberta

Expect new lines to run an average of $400 per appliance, though that cost can go up depending on the complexity of the installation. The cost can also go down if you decide to install more than one appliance and take advantage of future appliance discounts.

An example of a complex job is an underground outdoor gas line. Outdoor gas lines often require a trench to be dug. This requires additional labor. Types of jobs that require this sort of complexity are detached garage heater gas lines and gas fire pits. 

Future appliance discounts are often provided by the contractor as an option to reduce the cost per appliance. You’ll save on the labor cost to install the gas line since there will be less pipe cutting.  Installing future gas appliance fittings reduce the amount spent later for adding additional appliances. 

Gas Line Labor Costs Alberta

A master plumber costs anywhere between $28 and $150 per hour with an average of $75 to $100 per hour (Alis Alberta Website). Gas fitting technicians and pliumbers are the only two professions legally able to install any type of pipe. Labor pricing for installing or repairing lines may range within the standard contractor price.

According to Trade Secrets Alberta, Class A (also known as Class 1) gas fitters are professionally trained to:

  • install gas pipe to appliances up to and exceeding 400,000 BTU’s
  • the skill to diagnose gas to appliance problems
  • the ability to deal courteously with customers.

For the full list, see the Gas Fitter-Class A Trade Secrets Alberta official website page.

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Material Costs for Gas Pipe Installation in Alberta

Meter to house gas lines are installed using black pipe, fittings and flex pipe. The cost of materials for installing or repairing gas lines runs anywhere from $5 – $15 per foot in Alberta, but often average out to $11.50 per foot for a single appliance gas line installation

The final price will depend on:

  1. The distance from the appliances to the meter
  2. The complexity of the gas line, which often leads to more material being used
  3. The size of the pipe
  4. Location of your home

Underground Natural Gas Line Prices in Calgary

Scottco Gas Ltd. always uses standard PVC pipe for gas fitting installation. Underground gas lines require a trench to be dug and a licensed gas fitter to install. Undergrounds in Alberta cost anywhere from $10-$30 per foot.  

Costs include:

  • Materials (PVC pipe, pipe fittings, cock and gauge)
  • Labour (Installation by a licensed gas fitter)
  • Landscaping (Trench digging and burying)
  • City of Calgary Gas Permit (learn more about gas permits here)

For a standard under ground gas line taken from the meter, it can cost the home owner $800-$1500.

Home owners can save money on their gas line by digging a trench themselves. Stay safe and be considerate of power lines by reading the article How to Dig Safe by ATCO Gas, a known utilities company in the Calgary area.

cost of an underground gas line can cost between 800 and 2000 dollars

Fireplace Gas Line Cost

Depending on quality, gas fireplaces without a gas line can cost anywhere between $500 – $3,000.  Installation of the fireplace will cost $500 to $1,500 and the gas line to connect the gas line will likely cost between $100 and $600, depending on the length of the gas line and whether there is an existing attachment at the location of the gas line. 

Cost of Running A Gas Line for Stove

A kitchen stove gas line will cost approximately $10 per foot, plus the cost of attachments and labor. Many gas fitters have a minimum per visit. It is likely that when adding a gas line for a stove, you will likely spend between $300 and $600. But the following factors will influence the price:

  • Home has finished drywall covering the gas line
  • Stove location in the home versus current gas line
  • Size of pipe in the home
  • Distance between the appliance and the meter
  • Size of the stove.
  • Location of your home

Cost To Run Natural Gas Line To Garage

Similar to other gas lines, the cost of running natural gas to your home will cost between $10-$20 per foot. However, there is a difference between running a gas line to your detached garage and your attached garage.

Detached Garage Gas Line
Running a detached garage line requires an underground gas line to be installed. Detached garages use yellow PVC pipe which costs approximately $5 per foot. Other costs include:

  • Labour
  • Landscaping
  • City of Calgary Gas Permit are also included

If your garage is far from your house, you’re likely to incur larger costs, but not additional set up time. This is because PVC pipe will come pre-measured.  You’re likely to spend between $800 and $1500 on a natural gas line to your detached garage.

Attached Garage Gas Line
Unlike a detached garage, an attached garage line uses black pipe. This will likely be teed off of your gas meter or houses gas line. Expect to spend between $500 and $1500 depending on the size of your garage.

Reasons for New Gas Pipe Installs

Garage Heater

Outdoor Gas lines

Stove, Fridge, Furnace, Water Heater


Barbecue Gas Line

One reason many people install new pipes is because they are purchasing a new appliance. The reasons listed above highlight why people switch from electric of propane appliances to natural gas.

Find out how much your Calgary gas fitting project will cost


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